O - Oral

Poster on Japanese (JPG) [full poster resolution]

 My strengths in responding to the needs of the listening audience were visual aids, timing, and organization. Our visual aid (poster) was clear and concise. It was not overcrowded with information, but it still had enough to convey our points. Each member of the group knew what they were to talk about and how long they had. We all talked about our specific area and stayed on time. Our weaknesses were transitions. We had a bit of trouble remembering who went when and moving from one person talking to another. We also could have practiced our individual talks together. We didn't rehearse the entire thing before we presented and rehearsing could have eliminated the transition problem.

My strengths in controlling my body were speed and gestures. While it is difficult to make an accurate assessment when you are the person speaking, I felt that the speed at which I spoke was easy to understand. I also tried to not make my gestures too big, but also to not just stand there. My biggest weakness was using the word 'um' too much. Rather than just not saying anything and having silence in between phrases, I tried to fill it with 'um'.

If I gave this presentation again, I would practice more before I gave it. I would practice consciously not saying 'um' and making sure my gestures and posture were correct. Perhaps as a group, we could each watch each other and give suggestions. We could also do at least one complete run through of the entire presentation to make sure that the transitions between speakers worked.